Things to Do First

Check in at PokeStops!

Look around on your map for the blue icons that denote a Pokestop.

These icons are often landmarks, scupltures, noteworthy buildings and more, and getting close to and interacting with them will score you free items!

If you're in a pretty lonely area, consider taking a trip to a local park, mall, or other hotspot where you are likely to find more points of interest that will in turn give you more free items.

Charge Your Phone Battery

This may seem like an obvious one, but Pokemon GO is, at launch, quite the drain on your phone's battery.

Some light searching in the tall grass of your surroundings should be fine on a half-charged phone, but for long expeditions along local routes, be sure to go out with a fully charged phone — and maybe even bring an external charger along in case things go bad while catching a Pokemon. The app also includes a "Battery Saver" option in its Settings menu.

Personalize Your Pokemon

GO retains one of the main Pokemon games' most important options — renaming your Pokemon.

Even after you capture a creature out in the wild, simply open up the "Pokemon" option in your menu, click on a particular one, and give it whichever name you'd like. (And yes, at launch, you can include curses in your Pokemon's name.)

Know Your Poke-Shapes

Pokemon GO will give players an idea of the Pokemon in the nearby area with icons appearing the bottom right-hand corner of the app. They remain shrouded in shadow when you haven't yet caught that type. The mystery keeps things fun — and resembles the unknown of wandering around in the original Pokemon games — but having an idea of which Pokemon are available to you could make all the difference as as you collect and train to be the very best like no one ever was.